OxFirst Awarded as 'Best Intellectual Property Valuation Firm' in the UK

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OXFORD, UK –The extremely prestigious prize and title was awarded by Corporate Finance Magazine ‘Acquisition International’ as OxFirst repeatedly succeeded in commercializing Intellectual Property (IP) through high quality IP valuations. This earned it recognition in the UK 2018 IP Excellence Awards.

OxFirst’s IP valuations paved the way for a better understanding of the worth of IP. OxFirst, which was launched over 7 years ago by academics of Oxford University, is specialized in putting a monetary value on intellectual property. This made it possible to not only assess the worth of IP for sales, licensing and litigation purposes, but also for investment purposes.

One of its flagship projects allowed an early stage high-tech firm to raise over 10 Million US Dollars on the basis of its IP valuation. At another instance, the valuation of the IP undertaken by OxFirst formed a cornerstone of a patent acquisition, which gave the seller a significant boost to its cash reserves.

At several instances OxFirst served as an IP Valuation and IP Commercialization expert to the European Commission, the UK Intellectual Property Office, as well as the Austrian Government. Back in 2013, it also prepared a key Expert report on IP valuation jointly with others. The work allowed for the first time to establish a pan-European understanding on how to value IP.

Its work was also reflected in policy circles. The economic analysis undertaken by OxFirst led to Austria’s first national Intellectual Property strategy, which was under the direct responsibility of the country’s Prime Minister.

OxFirst’s Executive Director is also an accredited damage expert to the Courts of England and Wales and OxFirst enjoys full accreditation to offer training on IP valuation and IP strategy. Its executive education program is regularly held in Oxford and has been received with great enthusiasm. As a pioneer in the IP economy, the high quality work undertaken by OxFirst will continue to be crucial for advancing the state of play of high tech markets