Oxford, 17th November 2023:

OxFirst’s patent portfolio valuation supported an equity acquisition worth more than five hundred million US Dollars in the Web3 technology space. The deal also includes a comprehensive intellectual property licensing deal, which OxFirst enabled through its patent specific economic assessments.

OxFirst’s detailed economic assessment revealed key opportunities and risks associated with the patent acquisition. Says OxFirst Managing Director Professor Ghafele, “The equity acquisition enables further R&D and allows the firm to expand into so far untapped opportunities. It is great to be able to help new technologies see the day of light by uncovering the economic value of intellectual property.”

While conventional investors mainly look at patents as a proxy for R&D activity, it is remarkable that this equity acquisition was by and large driven by the patent portfolio business strategy. This illustrates that savvy investors are increasingly keen on understanding patent business prospects, rather than just look at patents as a proxy for R&D activity.

Digital Record Keeping is an emerging technology area observing double digit growth rates. Expected to grow at a CAGR of 40% over the next five years, patent fillings have correlated with such growth rates. However, given how recent the sector is, it is yet to illustrate how it will pro-actively put its patents to work. In that respect, the OxFirst patent valuation has certainly offered pioneering insights. 

The patent valuation is essential for the effective commercialization of innovative efforts. OxFirst provides the economic underpinning to maximise a firm’s patent portfolio by arming decisionmakers with the evidence to leverage their company’s patent assets for success. A patent valuation puts a defined monetary value on intellectual property, turning otherwise intangible business assets into a tangible business opportunity.

OxFirst is an intellectual property (IP) and competition law and economics consultancy with significant expertise in IP valuation and strategy. Named best IP Valuation Firm 2023 for the third consecutive year, it has over the last twelve years, supported Fortune 100 companies, law firms, private equity firms and policy makers to better understand and utilise their IP. OxFirst was founded by scholars of the University of Oxford and we retain close links with the university to this day. Based in London and Oxford, OxFirst works with clients from across the globe.

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