Some Novel, Non-obvious and (hopefully) Useful Views on IPRs, Open Innovation and Licensing

15TH DECEMBER | 15:00 - 16:00 GMT

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What the Panel Discussion is About

IPRs and patents in particular may be viewed as tools for governing investment and trade in intangibles, new technologies in particular. Investments in R&D are incentivized by patents (albeit disputed how efficiently) and guided by patent information, as are necessary subsequent investments for the provision of innovations, typically being based on multiple technologies. An institution with property-like rights in intellectual creations (“intellectual rights”) is moreover pivotal for trade in intangibles necessary for open innovation, be it via partnering, venturing, licensing or technology intelligence. Licensing of usage rights is then a key tool for innovation governance, for instance in an innovation ecosystem. Licensing and technology trade on some kind of fair terms arethen often called for from private as well as public parties. However, there are many useful fairness principles but they typically give very different bargaining outcomes and value capture distributions, which will be discussed in the seminar. This should be of concern for IP managers and policy-makers, as well as for courts, patent offices and FRAND friendly stakeholders in the IP system in general.

About the Speaker

Ove Granstrand

  • Ove Granstrand has served as Professor in Industrial Management and Economics at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden for more than 30 years and as visiting professor at Stanford University and Cambridge University. He holds graduate degrees in mathematics, economics and engineering and a PhD degree in industrial management and economics. He is founder of CIP – Center for Intellectual Property Studies. His research interest concerns economics and management of technology, innovation, and intellectual property. He has published many books and articles on these topics with his most recent book on IP being Evolving Properties of Intellectual Capitalism – Patents and Innovations for Growth and Welfare, as a companion to his 1999 book The Economics and Management of Intellectual Property – Towards Intellectual Capitalism. See www.ip-research.org.

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