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OxFirst’s IP Valuation enables companies to maximise revenues while seeking to keep costs low. The economic analysis underlying our IP valuation helps your company leverage its technology as an engine of growth.

What we do

The importance of IP Valuation in Modern Business Decision-Making

An IP valuation helps to better understand the business dynamics around IP. It is at the core to any managerial, financial, legal or business decision pertaining to your firm’s technology. Patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, as well as software and data rights more broadly, can offer your business the opportunity to generate income. Our IP Valuation allows us to uncover this relationship and gauge its importance to the company’s portfolio.

How IP Valuation manifests in your Corporate Strategy

An IP valuation is central to any firm’s business strategy. It can allow a company to understand how valuable an IP is and whether to hold onto it tightly or to licence it out or in. It is only through an adequate economic analysis that the many business options associated with IP become visible. As intellectual property rights have started to play an ever more important role in corporate strategy formulation, the accurate valuation of intellectual property has become of major importance.

OxFirst’s unique IP valuation approach is based on a range of different methods. Making IP trading significantly more efficient and profitable.

How Do Our Experts Conduct an IP Valuation?

We first undertake an IP Audit in order to understand the value your intellectual property has to your business. We then select an adequate IP valuation approach to value your IP, be it patents, copyright, trademarks, trade secrets or any other form of protection against unfair competition. The IP valuation approach and licensing rates we may use will be tailored to your specific business context.

IP Valuation: A game changer in Legal Disputes

OxFirst’s IP valuation helps you not only determine the licensing rates of your intellectual property, but any damage awards your business may be owed. We also assess whether a licensing request or damage award is justified. Litigations, arbitrations and mediations are a central use case for an IP valuation. It can also assist with an IP sale or licensing negotiation.

Many cases do not center around infringement, but around the economic impact of the infringement. Such questions are also core to the work OxFirst does.  

Our IP valuations have been several times used in legal disputes and have helped the parties in the case come to grips with the economic worth of the IP. We act for both the plaintiff and the defendant.

Patent Box Regime – saving taxes with IP

Patent box is a special tax relief regime that encourages companies to commercialize Intellectual Property by allowing them to pay a lower Corporation Tax. If your company is licensing or selling your IP, you can get a tax relief of 10%. Because of that, OxFirst’s IP Valuation team can help your company gauge the value of its IP, jointly with a qualified tax adviser.

Our IP Valuation Services

IP Valuation for management purposes​

IP Valuation for IP Sales and Licensing

IP Valuation in commercial disputes and litigation

IP valuation within the context of the Patent Box Regime

IP valuation for Transfer

IP Valuation for defensive asset valuation

IP Valuation for optimization of R&D strategy

IP Valuation for Technology

IP Valuation Case Studies

IP Valuation for an Investment Index

Can intellectual property serve as a matrix for smart investment decisions? A major investment bank was eager to embrace the concept of IP in its investment decisions. In particular, it...

FRAND Royalty Rate Determination of Standard Essential Patents

How can standard essential patents be valued? What is the FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) value of standard essential patents? Our Approach Given the increasing need to determine the value...

IP Valuation and IPO

OxFirst Board member Professor Graham Richards founded Oxford Molecular Ltd in 1989. It was the first spin-out from Oxford University in which the University had founder’s equity as a result...

Licensing & Valuation Strategy for Electronic Waste Recycling

OxFirst’s IP Valuation enabled the formulation of an IP strategy for the recycling of electronic waster. With millions of cell phones, tablets and PCs thrown away every year, finding a...

Developing an App for the Recognition of Fingerprints of Children

Recognizing the fingerprints of adults is an easy job, but how do you recognize the fingerprints of children? Their fingerprints evolve with age and don’t remain constant. This tech company...

IP Valuation for FRAND Risk Assessment

A supplier of audio equipment was in the process of being acquired by another supplier in the same sector. The firm to be acquired allegedly violated Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)....

IP Valuation for Investment Purposes

This high-tech firm had already received around 3 Million UK £ Pounds in seed funding, but was in need to attract further funding. Working on a game-changing technology with a...

IP Valuation for Organ Regeneration

This start-up had the twin purpose of seeking to save lives, while at the same time generating attractive returns for its investors. Core to its business was the aggregation of...

IP Valuation for Patent Sales

Our Contribution OxFirst was invited to undertake an independent assessment of the patents subject to the transaction and asked to determine an adequate price for the technology transfer. This implied...

IP Valuation in Emerging Markets

A major international development bank was eager to integrate better the IP component in its overarching approach to financing innovation in developing countries. Our Approach We offered an overview of...

IP Valuation in Artificial Intelligence

This private equity funded firm was eager to determine the value of its IP portfolio for investment purposes and to subsequently extract economic value from its IP. The firm is...

IP Valuation for a Syndicated Patent Securitisation

A private equity firm was eager to diversify into intellectual property. In particular, it was keen to develop a financial mechanism that would allow it to invest in patents in...

IP Valuation in a Digital Business

The investor was eager to determine the worth of selected paradigmatic digital business models. It approached us in search for an understanding of the macroeconomic impact associated with these digital...

IP Valuation for a Patent Aggregator

The client was a patent brokerage firm eager to diversify its business and embrace the concept of patent aggregators. Our Approach We illustrated how the identification, grouping, and valuing of...

IP Valuation for Patent Trading

The client, a former investment banker, invited us to provide input on the business model and approach to IP valuation for a financial exchange that was eager to trade patents...

IP Valuation under the IPR Enforcement Directive

What economic evidence is admissible to assess damage awards under the IPR Enforcement Directive? How can the legal principles underlying the IPRED be translated into economic analysis so to adequately...

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Economic concepts are the cornerstone of most legal cases. They are also central in the decision-making process
in assessing business and potential governance choices. Our aim is to advance approaches on economic analysis of the law. This can help to achieve faster, better, and more sustainable results. It also forms the baseline of informed decision making. The economic evidence OxFirst can offer allows you to take educated decisions, no matter what area.
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