Competition Economics

The OxFirst competition economics approach allows you to get in-depth insights into the economic effects of the law. Our economic assessments have empowered corporations, governments and financial institutions to assess the economic impact of legal decisions. This helped formulate policies, determine business decisions and execute on mergers and acquisitions.

What we do

The importance of Economic Analysis in Legal Choices

Our experts make use of econometric approaches alongside economic theory to offer insights on the effects of judicial decisions, existing and potential legislative proposals or legal choices. Economic concepts are central to understanding some aspects of a legal case. It also matters to predict decision making processes and assess potential governance choices. Economic assessments are instrumental for adequate resource allocation, the assessment of anti-competitive dynamics and antitrust regulation, to name a few examples.

Our aim is to advance approaches on economic analysis of the law. This can help to achieve faster, better and more sustainable results. It also forms the baseline of informed decision making. The economic evidence OxFirst offers can allow to take educated decisions, regardless of the area in question.

How Economic Analysis manifests in your Legal Strategy

The OxFirst economic assessments strive to offer novel insights and offer decision makers the necessary baseline for smart choices. We also aim to offer independent economic judgments, alongside sharp and thorough analysis of the issues at stake.
In the client results section, you will find many examples of how our economic analysis has helped shed new light on existing challenges. We are particularly proud that our economic analysis has been reflected in changes made to copyright law, patent governance and the formulation of a national IP strategy for Austria.

How Do Our Experts undertake an Economic Analysis?

Before our experts conduct an economic analysis, they spend a lot of time on research, in order to understand the issues at stake. We study the existing economic literature, get a grasp of the issues at stake and prepare a proposal that we then discuss with the client. We then identify an economic methodology that suits the specific circumstances of the case.

Our process is very thorough and takes time. However, once complete, most of our research is of such quality as to be published in highly regarded academic journals, while also providing value to the client.

Economic Analysis: A game changer

OxFirst’s economic testimonials have been used in many ways, having been presented to policymakers, senior corporate decision makers, start-up founders, investors, and judges alike.

Our economic analysis has impacted areas as diverse as the information and communications technologies space, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Competition Law, and standardisation.

Accredited Expert Witness to the Court of England and Wales

At OxFirst we pride ourselves that our experts have the status of accredited expert witness to the Court of England and Wales. This underlines our effort to strive for factual economic analysis that helps advance the state of play in IP and competition law. 

Our Economic Analysis Services

Economic Analysis for Policy Formulation

Economic Analysis for Competition Cases

Economic Analysis for Antitrust Concerns

Economic Analysis for Litigation and Commercial Disputes

Economic Analysis for Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation & Arbitration

Economic Analysis for Defensive Purpose

Economic Analysis to assess Bargaining Strength

Economic Analysis of Intellectual Property Law

Client Results

Economic Analysis in the Context of the UK Supreme Court Decision in Unwired Planet vs Huawei

What are the economic effects of sanctioning a global FRAND rate with an injunction in the UK? Should a national Court set global FRAND rates? How can this affect the...

Economic Impact of the FRAND Injunction Issued in Unwired Planet vs Huawei

In Unwired Planet vs Huawei, the UK Supreme Court ruled that sanctioning a Global Frand rate with an injunction in the UK was justified and commensurate with the FRAND commitment....

OxFirst research leads to 1st National IP Strategy of Austria

Faced with the twin challenge of being an innovation follower and lacking adequate linkages between IP and business, Austria found itself with a patent office that lacked the necessary means...

What is the Economic Impact of Quasi-Automatic Permanent Injunctions?

Our Approach We used a game theoretical model to assess the effects of various pan-European enforcement instruments at the pan European level on licensing negotiations. Impact The research was published...

Economic Impact of Patents for the Internet of Things

With the IoT constituting a major area for growth and competitiveness, it is important to identify European governance systems that help assure that. We studied how this can be achieved....

Economic Impact of the Intermediary Liability Regime

To what extent does the intermediary liability regime promote an open internet, while at the same time assuring adequate investment rates in music? Created over a decade ago, our client...

Economic Impact of Digital Music Royalties

A fragmented framework provided by the E.U. for collecting income from music online distorts royalty capture. This caused not only the record industry and collecting societies to make losses, but...

Economic Impact of Standards

Our Approach We established various alliances, launched a joint petition, organized a workshop for European Parliament and the European Commission, presented at a host of conferences, blogged, published in academic...

Economic Impact of IP Development Aid

One donor of IP related development aid was eager to assess the impact of IP related development assistance. In particular it was keen to establish the economic return on various...

Competitiveness and Open Access Licenses

The Austrian Council for Technology Development advises the Austrian Government on various Technology Policy Challenges. As such, it had to formulate a policy advise on Open Access. We were invited...

Economic Impact of Patent Offices

Various international organisations invited us to assess the potential of management reforms of intellectual property offices in developing countries. Our Approach We assessed the training needs, the institutional potential and...

Fostering Competitiveness by Optimizing Costs

Universities in this country have so far hardly embraced the concept of efficiency. With funding primarily received by the public sector there was also no particular pressure to assure the...

Promoting Competitiveness in Open Source Software

The client was eager to promote public policy of benefit to the open source community replace with.: to incite a public policy dialogue on open source software. It approached us...

Enhancing Competitiveness through Crowdsourcing

The client was a VC funded start-up based in Silicon Valley that had developed an open innovation based solution to patent searches. It was eager to explain the advantages of...

Promoting Competitiveness through IP Audits

Technology Transfer Offices in this country were inadequately monitored. The funding institution had thus difficulties determining the return on investments as they related to IP. Our Contribution We set up...

Promoting Competitiveness for University IP

Subsequent to reforms that attributed the ownership of IP to Universities this country was faced with the challenge of establishing functioning Technology Transfer Offices. Against this context, OxFirst was invited...

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