Patent Valuation

At OxFirst, our goal is to provide Patent Valuation services that enable your business to determine the financial, infringement and monetary Value of your patent. That can help turn your Research and Development efforts into commercial success, while boosting your Intellectual Property rights and enhancing your revenues, performance, and even reputation.

So, what do we do?

What exactly is a Patent?

A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention, which is a product or a process that provides, in general, a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem. A patent discloses to the public the invention. In exchange the patentee obtains for a limited time a monopoly over the invention.

The patent offers the patentee a competitive advantage because it allows them to exclude others from using the patented invention. Owning a patent shows the commitment of the leaders of the company and the potential they have. It is also a signal of innovation capabilities and an instrument to increase a firm’s market share.

What is Patent Valuation?

Each patent can have a certain value attached to it. A patent’s valuation is a way to calculate its business potential so that the patent owner is aware of just how much money they could generate from their intellectual property. For alleged infringers again, it can also be important to value third party intellectual property, so to avoid potential overpayment.

Because of their importance as an intangible asset for any business, it is important that the Value of the patent is evaluated in case the company goes through acquisition, investment, or even a merger. A patent valuation is also important in litigation, arbitration, licensing negotiations and for tax purposes. In the U.K. for example the patent box regime allows you to save taxes if you can show the monetary value of your intellectual property.  Assigning a monetary or financial value to your patent enables your business to make the most of all your assets, be they tangible or intangible in nature. If you need to assess the value of third-party intellectual property, again, then an IP valuation can help spear you from unreasonable licensing requests. No matter, whether you are valuing your own patents or those of another firm, a patent valuation is an essential practice to assure your firm maximizes on all its business assets.

Why are Patent Valuation Services important?

For any company’s business strategy, patent valuation is very important. Let’s say that the patented technology is revolutionary, but requires certain changes in the products currently available worldwide in order to be adopted. This would make it unfavorable for the industry to change. The hope with any patent that is developed for a product is that there will be a rise in the revenue that it generates or that it will at least be a cost-saving measure for the business in the future. This strategy means that the Value of the patent is essentially its actual cost value based on the future advantages it will offer.

There are two important factors to be placed when using this strategy to place Value over the Patent: 1) There has to be an existing market for the patent or that of a similar product that shows past transactions of a similar and comparable property. 2) Make sure you are looking at industry characteristics like market share and the potential for growth. 3) in case no existing market currently exists for the patent or a similar product, credible assumptions need to be established that allow to establish the hypothetical market potential for the patent.

We are the leaders in Patent Valuation Services

Oxfirst has, over the years, developed proven techniques that we use for patent valuation. We are the leaders in the industry based on our experience and the work we have done over the years. A host of different awards we won over time are an ample illustration of our excellence. No matter what situation you are in, we are always focused on and dedicated to offering thorough and accurate patent valuation opinions. 

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Patent Valuation is the process through which you can calculate the economic worth of the patent or patent portfolio that your organization owns. Companies/inventors must perform patent valuation, especially while negotiating deals such as mergers, sales, acquisitions, or licensing of patents.

Any organization or company that is looking to license, arbitrate, litigate or defend itself from a licensing request needs a patent valuation. A patent valuation is also core to the development of any IP commercialization activity. It allows you to save taxes, obtain investments, assure the success of a M&A and sell or buy patents. Get your patent portfolio evaluated to be able to derive the maximum value of your intellectual property. 

The deep economic skills OxFirst has, allow us to apply complex econometric models that extend beyond the commonly known three main approaches, which are the income approach, market approach, and lastly, the cost approach.


At Oxfirst, we follow a customized approach that involves a rigorous analysis of the patent that is under study and market analysis. The first part of our approach gives us an expected value. However, various different factors affect the applicability of a patent. All of those factors need to be taken under consideration in order to understand the actual worth of the patent that is under study.

Firstly, it’s the applicants themselves who are interested in getting the patent valued. The value of the patent is also of importance to firms being accused of infringing intellectual property, to investors, to general management, tech transfer institutes, private equity companies, and even venture capitalists.

The applicability of a patent is determined based on the scope of its claims. They help determine the patent’s potential to be infringed. A patent that is being infringed bears the potential to either request a licensing payment or ask the infringer to stop the infringement. This is known as an injunction.