Economic Impact of Patents for the Internet of Things

With the IoT constituting a major area for growth and competitiveness, it is important to identify European governance systems that help assure that. We studied how this can be achieved.

Our Approach

We undertook in-depth interviews with young entrepreneurs in the IoT space and discussed the role of distinct innovation approaches like IP, open source and standardization in shaping business success. The findings were presented to the EPO, the European Commission as well as the Max Planck Institute and furthermore disseminated through a high level scientific publication as well as through webinars and various blogs.


The research contributed to making a 2 million Euro fund available by the E.U. so to study further the role of standards and intellectual property in forward looking technology spaces!

We were very happy with the people that worked on our file. They were very responsive, professional and we were very pleased with the final result.