Enhancing Competitiveness through Crowdsourcing

The client was a VC funded start-up based in Silicon Valley that had developed an open innovation based solution to patent searches. It was eager to explain the advantages of its open innovation business model to client prospects and in a second step to expand also its services into Europe.

Our Contribution

We prepared a series of high-level publications for the firm (Click here for example) and promoted the business at conferences and through the relevant press. In a second step we kicked-off their business operations in Europe.


The open innovation business model of this firm was hard to grasp for many people. Our writing helped prospects understand why this firm’s operations are superior to that of others. By introducing them to client prospects we also helped them close business deals of significant size and helped them get started in Europe.

A very strong business sense as well as great instincts about how to adapt our business… Reliable, tireless, proactive and passionate about attaining rapidly growing success.