IP Valuation for Investment Purposes

This high-tech firm had already received around 3 Million UK £ Pounds in seed funding, but was in need to attract further funding. Working on a game-changing technology with a wide range of applications, it owned a series of international patent applications.

Oxfirst was invited to undertake a valuation of the patent portfolio and provide a economic assessment of the patents. In doing so, Oxfirst aimed to facilitate the task of investing in early-stage technology firms, while at the same time helping patent owners get a better grasp how to put their intellectual property to work.

Our Approach

Oxfirst’s unique contribution was to put a monetary value on the IP and show how economics can be applied to value patents.


Following our analysis the start-up was accepted by three distinct investment banks and subsequently received another 15 million UK Pounds in funding!

We recently retained Oxfirst to perform a valuation of our patent portfolio where they had a very short time frame in which to complete it. We were very happy with the people that worked on our file. They were very responsive, professional and we were very pleased with the final result. We would not hesitate to retain their services again and are in fact currently considering a longer term relationship with them.