IP Valuation for Organ Regeneration

This start-up had the twin purpose of seeking to save lives, while at the same time generating attractive returns for its investors. Core to its business was the aggregation of patents in this nascent technology space. Hence, the question was raised, which patents to aggregate and which patents not to pursue.

Our Approach

Oxfirst supported this company by helping it set up mechanisms to aggregate patents and systematically assessed the value of the patents, so to determine if they were appealing to the aggregator and what an adequate royalty rate for them would be.


The instruments provided to this firm helped them differentiate between commercially appealing IP and IP it should better stay away from.

Very grateful for your help here. What you and your colleagues have done is really outstanding. Elevates the real and perceived value of our Memorandum. Moreover it enables us to make informed decisions regarding our business model. Indeed would like to have similar analyses for the other organs. This was limited of course to one single area of organ regeneration. If you apply the same model to the other areas, this will certainly comprise a unique financial outlook for a new industry, organ repair and bioengineering. Perhaps you would consider publishing this in a peer-reviewed journal? Would likely help us with fundraising.