Your Career at OxFirst

Whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate, OxFirst will provide you with a challenging and dynamic environment that can be the next step in your professional development.

OxFirst is rapidly growing and will always offer a job to someone who is eager to succeed, make a difference to the world and thrilled about offering novel insights. We look for candidates who offer an exceptional track record of Achievement. We do not base selection on a specific academic discipline or career experience. We care only that you
have been among the best in your field.

We look for people who are team players, creative, solution driven and have quantitative skills. Ultimately, we want people who aspire to make a transformative change in the weightless economy and are passionate about innovation.

Welcome to OxFirst Careers

"Incredibly relevant and interesting line of work. OxFirst provides the perfect opportunity to establish knowledge and expertise within an industry that is increasingly relevant both globally and in the UK."
"Engaging, exciting, high standard of work. I started working here because I wanted to learn about the 'behind-the-scenes' of modern innovation. I got more than I expected, getting to work along with some of the best academics in the field and observing their work first hand is invaluable."
"At OxFirst I focused on blending technology (quantitative research) with qualitative interpretation of the numbers and what they truly mean for our clients. This gives a great insight in to what information is actually valued and used when making business decisions - greatly enhances your knowledge."