Fostering Competitiveness by Optimizing Costs

Universities in this country have so far hardly embraced the concept of efficiency. With funding primarily received by the public sector there was also no particular pressure to assure the most effective use of resources. The Ministry of Science and Economy was thus eager to promote ‘value for education’ and assure that universities are run in the most effective way.

Our Contribution

We studied in close detail best practice in another country and identified typological approaches to promoting efficiency. We developed a performance matrix and recommended that these form a baseline for further discussion among.


Our report contributed to helping this country save 300 million Euros by optimizing the effectiveness of Universities. Following our recommendations, the donor as well as the Universities assessed how to increase efficiency in Universities by at least 3% and were highly successful in doing so.

“The Oxfirst analysis was crucial to our current activities in this area and forms the baseline for our operational moves in this regard.”