IP Valuation for a Patent Aggregator

The client was a patent brokerage firm eager to diversify its business and embrace the concept of patent aggregators.

Our Approach

We illustrated how the identification, grouping, and valuing of different rights into a single license, can allow for an electronic patent licensing platform, and hence reduce search- and information transaction costs. The concept developed was based on the idea that firms should be able to instantaneously identify appropriate license rights from all over the globe without investing considerable resources in hundreds of discrete negotiations. This in turn strongly facilitates licensing transactions and technology commercialization.


The project led among other things to a Pan-European policy consultations on how to translate these insights into a feasible structure for the E.U.

"Oxfirst efficiently and intelligently combined the perspectives of many diverse global IP leaders to highlight the efficiency of our newly developed online patent brokerage platform. This strongly supported the launch of our new service line."