Licensing & Valuation Strategy for Electronic Waste Recycling

OxFirst’s IP Valuation enabled the formulation of an IP strategy for the recycling of electronic waster. With millions of cell phones, tablets and PCs thrown away every year, finding a solution to the recovery of potentially useful resources from such trash is essential. This was undertaken in the spirit of social entrepreneurship.

Our Approach

OxFirst valued the patents underlying this technology. OxFirst was able to lead this company on a path of novel revenue generation. We established a licensing program for them, helped them determine a licensing rate and also assured the identification of first clients. In addition, the IP valuation helped the firm to re-assess its worth. This in turn was a helpful support of the firm’s investor communication.


The results of OxFirst’s IP valuation led to an upfront licensing payment of 20 Million Dollars plus an attractive running royalty fee over the useful life of the patents. All of this was achieved within 6 months. The OxFirst IP valuation was a game changer for this firm. It established IP as the core element of the business. IP is now on top of the Agenda of the Board.